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We welcome our new partner in France
We welcome our new partner in France
vom 01.01.2015

France - LE SYNDICAT / Bad Zwischenahn

We welcome our new partner in France, Mr. Cédric Gustin from INTELLISPACE. Mr. Gustin has long years of experience and we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation. Good luck!

Depuis le 1er Janvier 2015 nous nous félicitons d’avoir un nouveau partenaire en France. Nous souhaitons, avec fierté, la bienvenue à Monsieur Cédric Gustin de la société INTELLISPACE. Mr. Gustin possède une longue expérience dans les domains de la vente, la promotion ainsi que la prescription de nos produits. Savoirs et connaissances qui sont dès à présent mis en oeuvre dans l‘intérêt de nos clients et utilisateurs. Dès à présent nous nous réjouissons de cette situation ainsi que de notre développement et sommes persuadés d’une longue et fructueuse collaboration. Succès et bonne chance à Cédric.

abopart runs its own generating plant
abopart runs its own generating plant
vom 01.08.2014

Bad Zwischenahn / Petersfehn - Co2 balance active

For about one year abopart runs its own generating plant. In addition to the heat which is used to stoke the production site and the offices the plant produces electric energy. Most of the ecologically produced energy is used for the company needs. The CO2 balance is perfect. But perfect is not goodenough. So our staff and guests have the chance to charge their electric bicycles at our charging station.

Besides the motivation to use bikes instead of cars the charging station closed the ecological circle. Naturally the employees take part in the campaign: “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” of the health insurance AOK.

CityCube Berlin
CityCube Berlin
vom 01.04.2014

The project CityCube Berlin is nearly finished.

Here is an impression of the construction progress with abopart employees as actors.

Watch the video: CityCube Berlin – The construction progress

source: http://www.citycube-berlin.de

Kindergarten Pfaffenhofen an der Roth
Kindergarten Pfaffenhofen an der Roth
vom 01.02.2014

A big playground can be created out of a region of non-operation by using the mobile walls of abopart. The open atmosphere provides a perfect insight for the staff and the needed space for adventures for the children.

New colleagues 2014
New colleagues 2014
vom 01.01.2014

Since March we hired some new colleagues.

We are glad to work with:

  • Kerstin Wohlfarth (offer and order department)
  • Alexander Stehmeier (development)
  • Lothar Göhring (technical manager)
  • Sonja Kuhlmann (order department)
  • Roxana-Anna Suligowski (trainee)

We wish all of them good luck!

Future strategies
Future strategies
vom 01.10.2013

Bad Zwischenahn / Singapur

From 14th until 16th October 2013 Great Year and abopart had a meeting in order to exchange experiences and discuss future strategies. The significance and the development of the Asian market as well as the implementation of the latest generation of movable partitions were the main topics of this meeting. abopart and Great Year intend to double the current total value order within the upcoming 3 years. This will be achieved by introducing new products and solutions and by being more seen and heard of in Asia.

New daycare for children
New daycare for children
vom 01.06.2013

Bad Zwischenahn / Stühlingen

Stühlingen (sbe): The available space of the new daycare facility for children: 1580 sqm. Outdoor area: 1300 sqm. There are three groups for children under 3, two groups for children from 3 to 6 and two fulltime groups and one group for children from 6 to 14 years. The budget was 3.7 million Euro. Nevertheless, it is expected that the final settlement will fall short of this amount. 62,5 % of these investments have been subsidized by the government. Otherwise, the small city of Stühlingen with its 5175 inhabitants would not have been capable to manage this project. From the 90ies on until 2011 the Frauenverein Stühlingen, who did pioneering work back then, was the organizing institution of the kindergarten, in 2012 the Caritasverband Hochrhein took over.

Quelle: SÜDKURIER GmbH, Medienhaus, Konstanz

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