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Acoustic<br>design walls
design walls
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glass walls
Movable walls with <br>high sound insulations
Movable walls with
high sound insulations
Movable glass wall <br>with sound insulation
Movable glass wall
with sound insulation
Measuring, Maintenance, <br>Installation, Repair…
Measuring, Maintenance,
Installation, Repair…
Mobile walls, partitions & glass walls - Made in Germany

Abopart offers their customers a variety of high quality movable walls, having a high degree in design and individuality. Our customers have the chance of letting their movable walls build for them according to their wishes.

Whether hotels, concert halls, museums, fair halls or gyms –every building grows in interest when the floor plan can flexible be changed. And also cruisers appear even more interesting with our movable walls because at every place where people meet a movable wall underlines the places attractiveness.

Movable walls with high sound insulations: abo]space, abo]space a, abo]space FA

The movable wall on the picture can either be chosen in a manual, semi-automatic or full-automatic operation type. The panel’s heights in rooms differ from 2.100 mm to 4.000 mm. In very high buildings panels can have a height up to 14.000 mm. Furthermore, panels have a minimum width of 600 mm, whereas maximum width is 1.250 mm. The sound insulation is up to Rw,P 60 dB.

Movable glass wall with sound insulation - abo]clear

This movable glass wall is operated semi- automatically. The panel’s height differs from 1.300 mm to 4.000 mm. The panel’s width is at least 900 mm and at most 1.300 mm. The sound insulation is up to Rw, P 54 dB possible.

Movable glass wall with isolation - abo]pure iso

The movable glass wall on this picture is a frame glass wall, which can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically. The height of the panels are up to 3.500 mm. Horizontally, the frame‘s width is at least 77 mm to a maximum of 106 mm and vertically to a maximum of 178 mm. The glazing has a thickness to a maximum of 56 mm and the sound insulation is up to Rw,P 39 dB.

Cruise-ship-walls - abo]space B

The movable wall on this picture is used on cruise-ships. It also is operated manually. The difference between the abo]space and the abo]space B is the special certification for the abo]space B wall (U.S. Coastguard Certificate of Inspection). The U.S. Coastguard Certificate of Inspection instructs the usage of incombustible materials for movable walls, which means that every wall used on cruise-ships is strictly checked by that criteria. After passing those, the wall is featured with a ship’s wheel.

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